How to Choose the Right Caravan Cover

Guide to buying a caravan cover

We hope the information below will help you to make an informed purchasing decision:

Does the colour of the inside of the fabric matter?

No, the colour makes no difference. It is the quality that is important. Aim to find a 100% waterproof and breathable material designed specifically for the caravan industry.

Can you breath through caravan cover fabric?

You should not be able to breathe through your caravan cover fabric, this would indicate there were holes in the fabric which would allow dirt and water to pass through on to your van making the cover useless. ‘Breathable’ fabric does not mean you should be able to actually take breathe with the fabric in front of your mouth, for example both gortex and your own skin are ‘breathable’!

Do you need to cover the windows before fitting a caravan cover?

No, not if you go for a caravan cover that is tailored to fit your caravan. If your cover is made from non abrasive material, this will ensure it does not scratch the windows.

Do you need to measure your caravan or motorhome?

Good manufacturers will have a huge database of caravans and motorhomes on file so in 95% of cases your supplier will already have the dimensions. If however you have an unusual van or an older model we may need you to do a few measurements. Ask your manufacturer for a dimensions sheet in this instance.

Can I access the caravan whilst the cover is on?

Yes, provided there is a Velcro access door.

Is there an allowance for the satellite aerial and flue?

Yes, there should be an allowance on the roof which we should have been marked on your cover pattern sheet.

What should be included with the cover?

Covers should come with a storage bag, A-frame cover and fitting kit. Kits should include foam inserts for the awning channel, fitting instructions, a spare piece of fabric and a sheet of breathable soft fabric for the windows if required.

How is the cover secured?

Quick release buckles are ideal for securing, they run all along the hemline of the caravan cover and are usually secured with webbing straps which pass under the caravan from side to side. All four corners of the covers can be elasticised for added security.

What is the weight of a caravan cover?

Dependent on the length of the caravan this can be anything from 6-11 kilos.

Should there be a guarantee with the cover?

Ideally, covers should come with a three year guarantee.

What benefits do caravan covers provide?

Covers provide a full range of protection from stopping the paint work from fading by weather erosion and bird droppings. Well fitted covers also prevent rubber seals from rotting and creating black streaks down the van which are hard to clean off. Covers stop the curtains and upholstery from fading and also creates an element of added security. You will find your caravan as you left it increasing caravans life span and holding its value.