Preparing for Long Motorcycle Rides

One of the joys of motorcycle riding is the strong sense of freedom it allows. You can ride many miles, truly feeling and seeing the road. Taking a long motorcycle ride is another joy for motorcycle enthusiasts. Long rides can be most enjoyable, especially if you are riding in a scenic area, whether a forest, the desert, along a coast, through the plains or through the mountains. You should be prepared before you take on one of these long rides though, its best for your safety, comfort and overall enjoyment. Read on for some tips for your next long ride:

First, consider your seating. Is your seat comfortable enough for a long ride? If you haven’t already traveled a long distance on your bike, you may not even know how comfortable it will be for long distances. If you get uncomfortable on shorter rides, whether your rear gets a little numb or your back starts to hurt, then you might just consider investing in a new seat, re-upholstering your current seat or bringing some extra padding.

Is your bike ready for a long trip? If you haven’t been out on the road for a few months or its been in storage all winter long, then make sure to take some short test rides to make sure everything is in good working condition. It may be a good time for a tune-up that is professionally done. Also make sure to check all cables and the tires, the oil, gauges and everything else.

You will also want to be in good condition for riding long distances, so make sure to get into shape with cardiovascular and stretching exercises.

Next, consider what to bring along. One a long ride, you may be hungry or thirsty but not find anywhere to buy anything. Bring along bottled water and plenty of snacks.

Next, consider your emergency gear. The most important piece of gear may just be your cell phone, so you can call for help in any situation. In addition to that, bring along a hand-crank or solar powered battery charger for it. A first aid kit will also be critical. Other accessories should include flares and a flashlight. Also handy would be camping gear, including a tent and sleeping bag.

You also want to consider bringing along some tools to help you fix common problems, like flat tires or loose cables.

Do you have the right attire for a long ride? Things like a coat, pants, gloves and, of course, your helmet. You may also want to have some luggage. On some bikes, you will only be able to have sidebags or saddlebags to carry your items, make sure you have the appropriate luggage or bags that will specifically fit on your bike.

Lastly, consider bringing along gadgets and gear that will enhance your trip, like a GPS, digital camera, video camera, tablet, portable DVD player or a small portable television.